Arabic Pros and Cons

In English, we use the same word for I wear/she wears and Wearing Prada is expensive. Arabic has a different word for each, even though they're related in the way that the English words manage and manager are related.

This is good, in that there's less linguistic ambiguity. You almost never have the same meaning collision you have in English -- I'm wearing the shirt uses the same word in a completely different context in I find this discussion wearing

This is also bad -- all those different words have to be learned, or at least recognized. There are a few hundred thousand English words, but a few million in Arabic. This is also due to the fact that Arabic is a simile junkie, and there are about 14 ways of saying "love" and over 100 words for "lion." There are only a handful in common use, but the rest are perfectly legal and kosher.

It's a fun language.