NYU administration to look at providing free menstrual hygiene productions to students

Last month, a student group at New York University petitioned the administration to fund a pilot program looking to provide students with free menstrual hygiene products. St petition garnered over 3,000 signatures, and this week Students for Sexual Respect at NYU reported that the NYU administration has agreed to fund the pilot program, which will report to the administration by the end of the semester.

It seems reasonable to me that NYU should look at providing pads and/or tampons for free in public bathrooms and in residence halls, in much the same way that they stock condoms at no cost to students. Having sex is arguably more of an opt-in activity than having your period.

I'm exceptionally proud of the college activists who pushed for change on this one — it's a big achievement to get the university to move on it. I know Josy from around NYU, and I'm very proud of the work she's doing. Can't wait to see where this goes.