I work on growth and international expansion at Lambda School.


I’m tommycollison on Twitter and GitHub. Sporadically, I write a column for the Irish Independent, as well as a newsletter about tech policy, consumer privacy, and the future.


  • The Tor Project, writing about human rights and communication networks resistant to traffic analysis.

  • Washington Square News, NYU’s student daily. I moved from news to op-eds, and was the Opinion Editor there for a while.

  • The Sunday Business Post, writing about technology and education.

Have we met?

  • October 2018 - Present: San Francisco, CA.

  • August 2017 - October 2018: Seattle, WA.

  • December 2016 - August, 2017: New York, NY.

  • August - December 2016: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel.

  • August 2013 - August 2016: New York, NY.

  • Born - August 2013: Tipperary and Limerick, Ireland